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Gabriel Mann & Kristen Mann

We are Sapphica... we are best friends, college mates, athletes, activists, artists,  and 100% independent musicians. Kristen is a professional basketball player and Gabriel is a filmmaker. Kristen is out and proud, and Gabriel is a fierce supporter... and we both take exceptional pride in being a strong voice for equality in our music and our videos. It's in our name. It's in our lyrics. It's in our videos. It's in the way we live our lives every day. We believe that love is love, and all of our art is rooted in that fundamental ideal.

We started cooking up our own eclectic, but palatable brew of genuine, irreverent, cinematic music... a little bit Radiohead, a little bit Danny Elfman, a little bit Metallica, a little bit Hans Zimmer, a little bit Sara Bareilles. We have a very dynamic style and we don’t follow any genre-specific orthodoxy, so a lot of different elements and instrumentation permeate our music. We feel that gives us broader appeal. Our music borrows from heavy metal, romantic-era classical, gospel, hip-hop, EDM, Middle Eastern & World music, alternative, pop, modern film scores… it’s as rich and dynamic a blend as there is on the market today.

So have a listen or watch one of our music videos to get a good feel of what we are about. Please feel free to share and spread the word about SAPPHICA! 



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